Inside of my hotel. The capsules at far end are the elevators.
Lombard street
Old meets new. Transamerica pyramid from 1972 next to Columbus tower finished in 1907.
The Transamerica Pyramid up close.
Candy store.
Boats at Fisherman's Wharf harbour.
Just an ordinary fishing boat at Fisherman's Wharf. Perhaps some repainting is needed.
Sea lions at Pier 39.
San Francisco skyline in the blue hour.
Early morning at Pier 7 with Transamerica Pyramid in the background
Pier 7.
From Pier 7 it is a great view over Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge at night.
Bay bridge just before sunrise.
Bay bridge during sunrise.
Bay bridge during the day
Sunset at Yosemite Tunnel view. All kinds of colours, lights and shadows.
Wide view at Tunnel view.
Upper Yosemite falls from Cook's Meadow loop
Not crowded at all before sunrise.
This bridge cross the river just below the landing spot for all the water falling from Yosemite falls. Stormy and wet from all the falling water.
Vernal Falls from a distance. The people up there gives perspective of the size.
Sunset at Marshall beach
The Golden Gate Bridge in sunset
Battery Spencer have a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Just the tips of the bridge is enough to recognize it.
Karl The Fog is rolling in.
On the way out to Muir Beach Overlook.
Overlook over Muir Beach
I found this shipwreck when I was on a road trip along the coast.
It is known as The "Point Reyes shipwreck"
To date, the Point Reyes (the area, not this ship) has taken more than fifty ships.
At the redwood forest
Some trees are huge.
Shown in the Full House TV series, the Painted ladies.
Alcatraz Island
One of the watch towers at Alcatraz

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